Upcycling is the process of renewing an old useless material into a new useful or beautiful thing. For example: cutting the sides of a t-shirt to transform it into a gym waist or cutting down a plastic bottle in such a manner so that it can be used as a flower pot. The idea of upcycling a product is to giving a new purpose to a material. Sometimes the outcome of upcycling is beautiful, sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes it is beautiful as well as useful.

Difference between recycling and upcycling
If we talk about recycling, it is the consumer material (such as plastic, metals, paper, and glass) which is subjected to the recycling process. This process is mostly done on the large scale in which we have to first break down the useless material into its base material and then it is remade. It is a very useful process for the world in various manners, it tends to conserve the natural resources of the earth, it serves in order to protect the ecosystem and wildlife, it reduces landfill waste, it reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and most importantly it is able to generate employment.

Now let’s talk about upcycling. It is not a large scale process like recycling. The material is not subjected to any kind of break down process. It is usually done on the old and discarded materials of our house. It is a very useful method for personal uses. I myself upcycled my badminton racket to form a wall mirror, I fitted a mirror on the middle portion of my badminton racket and hang it on the wall.

Old peoples were good upcycler
If we go some few centuries back in time, when the world was deficient in technology and when the world was lacking in the factory manufacture products, it was the time when people would discard and throw the things only when nothing can be done with it. At that time people would try their best to bring any useless thing to work or use again. My grandmother was once telling me a story of her grandmother that how she used to use the old discarded and torn clothes to become worthy again. My grandmother told me that she used to stitch all the clothes in such a manner that the cloths altogether takes the shape of a mat. She showed one of the mats made by her grandmother and I found it very reliable and artistic.

Upcycler around me
I must say I have a great upcycler at my house and she’s my sister. One of her upcycled products are the wall cases, she simply cut out the back pockets of her old denim jeans and with the help of a nail she hung it on the wall. She uses it for placing her cell phone in it, also it gives an elegant look to the wall also.

In the end, I would like to say, everyone, that instead of throwing the old things into the dustbin, they should wait for a while and think that whether it can be upcycled to a new useful or beautiful thing or not.