Psychic reading through pottery is not new to us. There are many who are doing this from centuries and still continuing the same trend. The main highlight of this kind of reading is, it is very rare and unique. That is one of the main reason people still have faith in it.

I am very thankful to my God that I met one of these artists who do psychic pottery. I still remember he was living a town near the river. I am sorry but due to some reason, I am not allowed to disclose his current location. I met him 7-8 years ago in a fair. He was very separated from the fair although he was in fair. He was in a tent where he resolves the problems of many by doing some magic with his pottery talent which was god given I must say. I tried to know how he was doing that or just making money by making fake promises as others were doing at the same place.

I was very curious about what he was doing, so I went into his tent and tried to read his actual doings. I saw when someone comes into his place he asked them what is troubling him/her and then he make some sculpture like a pot or cup-like thing and then he asked them to chant some words related to the problem (not like abra ka dabra). When people say that he asked them to drop that article from a height of around 6-7 feet, and when people do that some of the articles broke down in parts but some do not. When these things happen then that potter co-relates their problems with the result of the broken/ unbroken pots/articles. First of all, there was nothing surprising but as soon as I start monitoring them I realized that this is not something which is happening as it should happen in our normally.

I tried to find the glitch in it but after some time I was clueless. Because it was not in the same way I was thinking. There was some kind of thing which can be interpreted as “The Spirit”. He kept repeating him in his reading that he is calling the spirits of those who have meaning to those who came to him for the answers of his client’s life. I was thinking that if someone drops a pot from that height then it can be easily broken but it was not as simple as that. Most of the time, it was as per the question of the client.

After that incident, I thought it was like any other magic people do in a fair to make money. So I decided to visit his place after the fair. Believe me, it was very difficult to find that person. I was amazed to know how this can be so difficult when someone wants to make money then usually they do lots of advertisements to make as many clients as possible. But it was just the opposite. He was not at all interested in the money. I also made some research before meeting him personally. And all those who came to me praised him. They told me that he never ask for money but very much interested in helping people. They also told me that he was charging money at the fair because he donates all his money to the poor once in a year (whatever he earns in the fair). When I visited his place he told me that he was able to see the undead and talk to the spirits. But it is not easy to make others believe in it, so he attached the pottery with his psychic power in such a manner where people get maximum benefit from it. He said this is not to fool others but a reason to believe in God and the spirits. He is just a medium want to serve the humans to make their life better.

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