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 The nitrogen content of the fresh manure is usually very high which is able to burn the plants. Also due to the presence of pathogens and parasites, the fresh manure should be avoided. Humans can get infected if the manure from dogs, pigs, cats are used in the compost piles or gardens, so these kinds of manures should also be avoided. Composted and rotted manure should be the first choice for the gardening, which is cured for around five to six months in your soil.





Upcycling is the process of renewing an old useless material into a new useful or beautiful thing. For example: cutting the sides of a t-shirt to transform it into a gym waist or cutting down a plastic bottle in such a manner so that it can be used as a flower pot.  The idea of upcycling a product is to giving a new purpose to a material. Sometimes the outcome of upcycling is beautiful, sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes it is beautiful as well as useful.

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Recycling can be defined as the process of converting useless things into some new form of useful content. Things like glass, paper, plastic, and metals can be recycled in a very useful manner. There are various benefits of recycling which are as follows:

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